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Himalayan Pink Salt can be used to improve the taste of food while benefitting us health wise. Different sized grains can be used for different needs, such as larger, coarse grains to place in salt grinders or spice rubs, and the finer salt powders for cooking and seasoning foods. At Infusions KW we are committed to bring you the purest ingredients out there. Besides the pretty pink crystals are so pretty! Get rid of all the processed salt in your pantry and indulge...  More

  • Pink Salt
    Himalayan Pink Salt

    Himalayan Pink Salt available in Coarse - Fine grains

    Himalayan Pink Salt available in Coarse - Fine grains

    Himalayan Pink Salt available in Coarse - Fine grains

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Update: October 2nd 2017. Thanks to all our wonderful customers who ordered during summer months when most people are traveling that KWD49.530 was collected for a water well! We will donate the rest and start the process this week.  More updates soon!

Please help us finish this project in remembrance!

A masjid is being built in Ahmed AlGharabally 's name. 

Help us build and continue his legacy of helping others and doing charity work.

Allah yerhmha. 

You can also help in this project by making a donation on your cart checkout. god bless you 

UPDATE: 2/10/2017  Project status 67% 

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