"Taking the Ordinary and Making it Extra(ordinary)"

Infusions KW started as a home based business making a few jars of goodies for friends and family from my own kitchen. In 2012 we started selling our jars at street markets and school bazaars. Officially launching in Janurary 2013, we sold through Instagram and bigger farmer markets around the region. Finally, our production kitchen opened in 2015 and although nothing is made at "home" anymore each jar is handcrafted and every batch is still done by me to ensure quality.

The Aim

Infusions KW aims to bring you everyday food products infused with spices and herbs to take the flavor to the next level. Not only do our products taste good, they offer the nutritional benefits that come along with incorporating herbs and spices into your daily food regimen. Our products takes your meals to the next lever so that you can have a essence of gourmet right in your own kitchen!

Our Objective

Our objective is to show people how to switch to making more healthy food choices and stop using the processed items that contain MSG, preservatives, high amounts of refined sodium and sugar (and list goes on) and plague all the world's supermarket shelves. By using our various media platforms we want to share our vast knowledge on the various herbs and spices to assist in preventive lifestyle including exercise, proper sleeping, and healthy eating. I do not just want to sell you Turmeric Spice, I want to show you and explain to you the medicinal benefits of using Turmeric daily whether you purchase it from Infusions KW or not. I want to "infuse" your life with herbal knowledge, positive vibes, lifestyle tips, and offer healthy easy recipes that any busy individual can do.

One Goal- Healthy

We want help your time in kitchen to be easier by using our convenient healthy products. The kitchen does not have to an intimidating place. Your kitchen can be a place where you establish a foundation for the building blocks of a holistic lifestyle.

"Food is essential to life; therefore make it taste good and be beneficial!"

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