Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship our spices and zaatar currently to the Gulf region, United States, Canada, and UK. Unfortunately our honey and oils cannot be shipped at this time because we have permission for dry goods only. Those can only be delivered within the state of Kuwait. Prices and important information can be located on the Shipping & Handling page.

Are your products Gluten Free?

Yes, all our spices, oils, honey, and spreads are gluten free and do NOT contain any MSG or other gluten derivatives.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, all our products are suitable for individuals that are following a Vegan diet and none of the ingredients used are made with animal by-products..

Are there any preservatives, flavor enhancers, MSG, fillers, anti-caking agents in your seasonings or other products?

None of Infusions KW products contain any of the above mentioned ingredients. Our philosophy is strictly based on keeping the fake stuff out and using ONLY natural ingredients.

Are Infusions KW products Paleo friendly?

I have many Paleo enthusiasts that use our products because of our commitment to use all natural ingredients. We do not use anything synthetic, processed additives, refined sugars or sodium.

Are your products halal?

Yes all our products are 100% halal and also qualify under Kosher restrictions too.

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Update: October 2nd 2017. Thanks to all our wonderful customers who ordered during summer months when most people are traveling that KWD49.530 was collected for a water well! We will donate the rest and start the process this week.  More updates soon!

Please help us finish this project in remembrance!

A masjid is being built in Ahmed AlGharabally 's name. 

Help us build and continue his legacy of helping others and doing charity work.

Allah yerhmha. 

You can also help in this project by making a donation on your cart checkout. god bless you 

UPDATE: 2/10/2017  Project status 67% 

Delivery is available to all areas of Kuwait for 1 KD. All orders will be delivered within 1 business day from time of ordering unless otherwise stated.

Delivery timings:9am to 4pm ONLY (NO Delivery Friday & Saturday)

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