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Our Story - Infusions Kuwait

Our Story

"I wouldn't call it a hobby but a lifestyle." Patty Marotte-creator of Infusions KW

The kitchen has always been the most important and used area in our home. Meals are a way to unite families and strengthen friendships. When I see people enjoy my creations I have a genuine feeling of happiness. Growing up and all my years in Kuwait, I made gatherings just to have family and friends try my new recipes and spend time around the table.

The kitchen is my sanctuary for inner peace and relaxation. Whether it is my pickled spicy items or funky fusion dishes, I like to play with flavors and create new ones. It is where I find my inspirations and create new products. The kitchen is the place where I want my community to enjoy foods and learn with me.

The Beginning

I grew up with easy access to farms from a small town in California and we had a farm to table mentality in the early 80's. I seriously started learning about the benefits of spices and herbs when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Lupus. It was here I started to piece together the connection to the foods we eat and how our body responds to particular foods. I also realized that most of our choices for poor food was from that of convenience! This is what I call the "easy to get" access mentality. It is easier to reach for a bag of crisps, pack of croissants, and sweet cereal to feed your family than proper real food meals. In an effort to alleviate my condition, I started to change my diet. Then I started to change my family's diet out of concern for their future health.


The more I learned the more I experimented. I started to tweak old family recipes for sauces, spreads, and spices. It is during these years I developed a vast knowledge of herbs and spices. Social media started to connect me to others like me on the same quest for a holistic lifestyle. Then with the appearance of local street markets revolved around good food my chance came to let my skills be tasted by the community at large.

Our Effort

For a year me and my husband Bo Salem hustled market after market every weekend, personally delivered products to doors ordered by telephone, posted daily available fresh products as I made them on social media, and participated as many charity functions as we could. Our humble beginnings started with Shakshooka Market, a nomadic food street market founded by the creative Maryam Al-Nusif. If it was not for her believing in me and my vision, Infusions KW would not be here today. Then, I found my permanent home at the famous local farmers market called Qout Market. The importance of being part of the Qout initiative is not just to sell. We are given opportunities to serve, educate, and learn with other community members via various local events all geared towards a lifestyle wellness movement in Kuwait. This was how my efforts were validated for what I did all these years to be of service.

Our Journey

"The more people you serve, the more effective you become." Robert Kiyosaki – Entrepreneur and bestselling author

We have grown during this last year and the journey has been remarkable. However, just as the caterpillar transforms to a butterfly; Infusions KW is transforming into a full service production kitchen!

Infusions KW recently leased a site where we have started construction on a production kitchen. Our products will still be made with TLC and have that homemade taste. This decision was made so we may continue to offer our products and also phase into providing healthy meals. It will ensure that we maintain standards and guarantee quality assurance. We at Infusions KW want to dedicate all our efforts to provide the community with healthy foods and inspire our members to become part of the wellness movement. Our mission is to promote awareness, sustainability, natural healing in a conscious society in quest of fresh and highly nutritious preservative-free products.

The Significance

If each household spent an additional $30 (approx.10 KD) a year on products offered by local businesses, it would contribute an extra $3million (approx. 1million KD) a year to our local economy, create hundreds more job opportunities annually and inspire thousands to build better community networks and make Kuwait more self-sufficient!

"Food is essential to life; therefore make it good!"

Infusions KW supports and exemplifies healthy foods and natural living. By eliminating over processed foods and artificial additives from our diet we are healing our planet Earth, our country Kuwait, our food community and sustaining the local economy. One approach to be a social change maker is saying yes to mostly organic food products produced locally and sourced from farms in Kuwait. By doing this we as a community will create a demand for the availability of more healthy food choices. Infusions KW offers an assortment of food products for various lifestyles and individuals with dietary needs; Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo, or just want to eat healthier.

Most of us our searching for a holistic lifestyle.

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